Branding and Corporate Image Development

Identity Creation

  • Corporate Name Creation
  • Brand Name
  • Tagline
  • Brand Positioning
  • Target Audience
  • Consistent Naming Conventions
  • Product Descriptor Creation
  • Linguistic Assessment
  • Positioning Statement Creation
  • Brand Pricing
  • Brand Launch and Implementation Planning
  • Consistent Internal and External communications strategy
  • Product Conception and Testing


Identity Design

  • Corporate and Brand Logo Creation including word marks, fonts, colors and symbols
  • Name Stylization
  • Consistent Graphic “Look and Feel” Programs
  • Consistent Package Design
  • Standards Manuals
  • Retail Design including building brand equity for retail products

Identity Management


  • Brand and Product Strategies
  • Corporate Identity Development and Management
  • Internal Brand Communications
  • Customer/Brand Loyalty Programs
  • Name Continuity Programs
  • Brand Research
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Building Programs


  • Market Research
  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Plan ded’iiling the necessary actions to achieve marketing bjectives
  • Competitor and Pricing Research
  • Advertising and Promotion
    • Print Advertising, Marketing collateral, Banners, Electronic Banners and Billboards
    • Interactive
    • Audio-Visual advertising including TV spots and Corporate Films
    • Web and Intranet Development
    • SMS Marketing
    • Internet marketing
  • Web Development
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Display Advertising
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Pay Per Click
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Interactive Advertising
    • Blog and viral Marketing
  • Internal Communications and Intranets
    • Email messaging
    • Internal Memos
    • Email Signatures
    • Others
  • External Communications
  • Database Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Event Planning and Organization
  • Trade Exhibitions
  • Global and International Marketing

Public Relations

Management of internal and external communications to create and maintain a positive image involving popularizing successes, downplaying failures, announcing changes, and many other activities.